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New Surrogacy Law Introduced in California Legislator from New Dad, Assemblyman David Chiu

Image Credit: David Chiu Facebook

Conceptual Options wants to acknowledge that Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco) has stepped up and authored a bill that would assist same-sex couples using surrogacy to have their own children, as well as protect their rights outside of the State of California. After the birth of his own child, Chiu, wanted to make certain that the state protects parents of children conceived through surrogacy and egg donation in California from having their rights violated outside the state. In addition, the bill intends to clarify that California’s Superior Courts can take jurisdiction from discriminatory states in parentage cases arising from gestational surrogacy arrangements.

The bill also makes clear that when intended parents using donated gametes (eggs and/or sperm) enter into surrogacy contracts the names of these donors need not be revealed. The California Judiciary Committee provided a unanimous vote March 29 in favor of the legislation.

According to the Bay Area Reporter,

“With LGBT rights threatened in other states, California must again defend and lead the nation in protecting all families, including same-sex couples forming their families through assisted reproduction,” stated Chiu, who with his wife, Candace, last month welcomed into the world their son Lucas Young-San Chiu. “AB 2349 helps ensure that the progressive protections offered in California regarding parentage rights are respected across state lines.”

A huge thanks from the Conceptual Options’ Community!