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Egg Donor Qualifications: 3 Things To Consider When Applying with Conceptual Options

Any woman who wants to become an Egg Donor is a generous one. However, not all women who want to donate are necessarily qualified to do so. There are a few requirements that most Egg Donors need to pass before being approved to donate.

When it comes to egg donor qualifications, every agency will be a little different. The agencies are looking out for you and the Intended Parents when reviewing egg donor applications. With so many different criteria to consider, there are a plethora of things that can qualify or disqualify a donor.

Below are a few qualifications that will ensure you are ready to become a successful egg donor and help a couple who can’t conceive without your assistance.


Age is a big factor when it comes to egg donation. Most egg donor qualifications require Egg Donors to be anywhere from 21-30. There are of course special cases where this can be extended, such as for sibling cycles.

This is in large part because when a woman goes into her thirties, her egg production and quality goes down substantially. That’s not to say many women in their thirties aren’t have successful, wonderful pregnancies.

However, in a process that is costly and delicate, Intended Parents want to set themselves up with the highest possible chance of success. Younger eggs create more viable embryos. Egg Donors in their twenties often have a high egg yield count and have an easy time donating.

Education Egg Donor Qualifications

Intended Parents often seek out an Egg Donor who has an education behind her. This shows them that they are choosing genes that have some drive and ambition to them. This day in age, intelligence goes a long way.

Reputable schools or a solid degree from any college are a positive thing to have in terms of egg donor qualification. If you have high test scores, you may be able to get a higher compensation rate as well. Education plays a big part in most couple’s search for an Egg Donor.


BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This is a numerical value of your weight in relation to your height. When it comes to egg donor qualifications, it is often helpful to have a very balanced BMI. This is attractive to Intended Parents.

A good BMI tells Intended Parents that you are fit and take care of yourself. When it comes to choosing the genetic makeup of half of a future child, most parents want to set them up with genes that might offer them a good physical facility.

Holy Trinity

Aside from a clean personal and family health history, these things are egg donor qualifications that can help you and the Intended Parents who are seeking someone like you.

If you’re studying or have an education (not mandatory), are between 21-30, and have a good BMI, click here to apply with us to become an Egg Donor today!

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