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Surrogacy – The Kids Are Alright

Ian Mucklejohn’s story to parenthood became huge news in the UK when he became a father to triplets born via surrogacy in 2001. In the US, this would barely make it on the news; but in the UK, Mucklejohn was the first single, heterosexual man to have children via surrogacy. Mucklejohn was criticized in the UK media for having children via surrogacy without a partner.

Now, 15 years later, the triplets have been interviewed about how they’ve grown up and if they feel like they missed anything by not having a “mother” in their lives. One of the triplets said:

‘It is more common nowadays than it was in the past, you see single parent families all the time. I have never felt abnormal.’

Another one of the triplets also talked about their Dad’s bravery:

‘It was brave for him to go through such a thing. It shows how much he cared to have children and how much he loved us.’

So, despite what the critics say children born via surrogacy to single parents aren’t “damaged,” in fact, they are the exact opposite. Happy, loved, healthy, and full of pride for their parents.

To read more about the Mucklejohn triplets see the full article here.

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