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Lucy Liu Speaks About the Importance of Family

Photo Courtesy of Lucy Liu’s Twitter.

After welcoming her son Rockwell into the world via surrogacy last year Lucy Liu has become vocal about her desire to have children and what led her to using a surrogate to carry her son. She stated that she’d always wanted to have children, but because of her hectic schedule and life in general it just never came to fruition; which is when she turned to surrogacy to have her son.

Lucy Liu is a firm believer that everyone should be allowed to have a family in whatever shape or form they might want.

She goes on to state that using a surrogate to have her son was the best decision for her and that she is beyond proud to be his mother.

Lucy Liu’s remarks mirror the same belief that we have here at Conceptual Options…

All families are traditional; some just take different paths by using our center.

After all, everyone deserves to create the family that they have always wanted.

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